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BS, Clinical Laboratory Science

The Clinical Laboratory Scientist is a vital member of the health care team, working with physicians, laboratory scientists, and clinicians to provide quality patient care. Although Clinical Laboratory Scientists have limited direct patient contact, they play an important role in the patient's health care. They are highly skilled professionals who perform tests to analyze blood, urine, and other body fluids to help the physician prevent, detect and treat disease and to monitor therapy. Most Clinical laboratory Scientists are employed by hospital or clinic laboratories, but others use their knowledge and skills in research, industry, physician's offices, sales, public health, computer operations, veterinary clinics, education, laboratory management and even as self-employed consultants. The program requirements are listed below.

Students attend classes on the Waco campus for three years and take the required curriculum outlined below. The senior year of clinical training at any university or hospital School of Clinical Laboratory Science with an approved curriculum. The clinical training is a twelve-month, highly intensive course of study in preparation for national certification as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. It conforms to the Essentials published an monitored by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. Baylor University is affiliated with Methodist Hospital, School of Clinical Laboratory Science, Houston, Texas; Scott and White Memorial Hospital, School of Clinical Laboratory Science, Temple, Texas; Tarleton State University, School of Clinical Laboratory Science, Ft. Worth, Texas; and M.D. Anderson School of Clinical Laboratory Science, Houston, Texas.

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