Paul L. Foster Success Center

Office of Access and Learning Accommodation

You have chosen to continue your education at a school with a long history of inclusion of students with disabilities. The Office of Access and Learning Accommodation (OALA) creates an encouraging, supportive, and caring environment where students with disabilities feel they are accepted and valued as individuals. This is achieved by showing compassion, patience, and open-mindedness as well as through teaching responsibility.

Special Notice on COVID-19 Response

The Office of Access and Learning Accommodation (OALA) will continue to support students and faculty during this time, but the way we do our work may look different.

Student Meetings and the Interactive Process

OALA will continue to connect with students via platforms such as Microsoft TEAMS and ZOOM, as well as by phone and email. Though Baylor is resuming in-person instruction, the accommodation specialists will not resume in-person meetings yet.

Prospective students and their families are welcome to connect with OALA virtually as well. Schedule a virtual meeting or call us at 254-710-3605.

You can follow the process to request accommodations or services. We encourage you to start the registration process as soon as possible. Certain accommodations can take a few weeks to put into place. The sooner we can start working with you on an accommodation plan, the more likely it will be in place by the time you need it. This helps us accommodate the large numbers of new students each fall. Even if you are unsure about using accommodations, you can establish eligibility now, so accommodations can be implemented quickly should you need them.