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Office of Access and Learning Accommodation

You have chosen to continue your education at a school with a long history of inclusion of students with disabilities. We're excited to meet you!


The Office of Access and Learning Accommodation (OALA) creates an encouraging, supportive, and caring environment where students with disabilities feel they are accepted and valued as individuals.  This is achieved by showing compassion, patience, and open-mindedness as well as through teaching responsibility.

Request Accommodations

*Disclaimer:  OALA is currently experiencing a high volume of applications. Your application/request will be processed as soon as possible.

Steps for requesting accommodations with the Office of Access and Learning Accommodation:

  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Provide current and appropriate documentation of the diagnosed disability. Documentation can be faxed to: (254) 710-3608
  3. Once your documentation has been reviewed and it is sufficient, your assigned Accommodation Specialist will contact you to determine your accommodations and finish your registration.
  4. Fall Deadline: November 8, 2019*
Request Shuttle

Students requesting Disability Shuttle Services ONLY should read the guidelines & submit the application from the Baylor Disability Shuttle or Parking Services call (254) 710-4500 for assistance.

Schedule Appointment
If you are in the process of registering with OALA, you will need to schedule an appointment with an assigned Accommodation Specialist to discuss potential accommodations based on your application and medical documentation.

If you are already registered with OALA, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with your Accommodation Specialist any time you wish to discuss questions and concerns about classes and professors.

To set up the appointment, go to the OALA appointment form and complete the required information.