Short-Term Leave Accommodation

Short-Term Leave Policy

Graduate students suffering from a serious medical condition may apply for short-term medical leave from their academic and assistantship responsibilities. Either the graduate students or their graduate program directors (on behalf of their graduate student) may apply for this emergency leave.

For purposes of this policy, “serious medical condition” is defined as a medical condition that requires a multiple-day hospitalization OR renders the graduate student unable to engage in coursework and other Graduate School-related duties for a period of at least ten (10) calendar days. The Graduate School requires verification by a health care professional that the student needs short-term leave because of a serious medical condition as defined by this policy that affects the student’s ability to do their work.

The duration of the leave will be as certified by the health care professional up to a maximum of six weeks or to the end of the current academic term—whichever comes first.

Graduate students will remain enrolled and receive their stipend for the duration of the accommodation.

  • Students assistantship duties will be reassigned as necessary.
  • If students are unable to complete the academic work by the end of the semester, they may receive incompletes for courses in which they are enrolled and follow the normal university policy for resolving the incompletes.
Graduate students returning from a short-term medical release must verify with their GPD that they have been released from short-term leave. 


As soon as the need arises, students or their graduate program director should contact the Graduate School and complete the following process:

  1. Step One: The student or Graduate Program Director will notify the Graduate School ( that a serious medical condition has arisen (see explanation above). With HIPAA privacy concerns in mind, please note that the GPD and the Graduate School do not need to know the nature of the condition, only that a need as arisen.
  2. Step Two: Student or graduate program director should complete the online formThe statement of support from a medical professional may be uploaded through the form or emailed to the Graduate School. Again, with HIPAA privacy concerns in mind, please note that the GPD and the Graduate School do not need to know the nature of the condition, only that a need meeting the definitions of this policy as arisen.
    • Once approved, the student and GPD will be notified. During the span of the accommodation (no more than six weeks), the department will pay the student for work served as normal. Any enhancement funds (fellowships) will be paid in the usual ways, without interruption or deduction.
  3. Step Three: Additional Graduate School Support. If needed, the Graduate Program Director may request from the Graduate School funding to cover the hiring of another graduate student to replace the accommodated student for the leave period. This request should be made through the online form linked in step two or by contacting Anna Henderson in the Graduate School. 
All correspondence to the Graduate School regarding the short-term leave accommodation should be directed to Dr. Chris Rios and/or Alana Schaeper

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