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Consultant Positions Open for Application: 

PhD students (ideally past coursework) are invited to apply for Graduate Writing Consultant positions. GWC consultants help graduate students with any writing project at any stage of the composition process—generating ideas, organizing, revising, etc. Their primary work is to hold one-on-one conferences with graduate students regarding their writing. (They will not proofread papers for students.) Additionally, consultants design presentations and conduct writing workshops and research current trends in composition scholarship to find useful tools for working with graduate students. 6 hour per week and 10 hour per week assistantships available. These can be held along with your departmental assistantship.  If interested, please email  

The GWC is open for the Spring 2021 semester for virtual and phone consultations. To schedule a consultation, email your documents to Please see the information below or check our blog's FAQ page for more information about our operations.

The Graduate Writing Center is a resource for graduate student writers who desire to improve their writing skills. Consultants help with writing projects at all stages of the composition process - generating ideas, organizing, and revising - whether students are working on academic papers, reports, personal statements and applications, papers intended for publication, theses and dissertations, or grant proposals. The Graduate Writing Center is a partnership between the English Department and the Graduate School.

The Center is staffed by senior doctoral candidates who have extensive experience editing, teaching, publishing their own work, and working with peers.

To Make an Appointment

1. Send your document to Along with your document, tell us the following:

  • Department/Program

  • Degree (M.A., Ph.D., etc.)

  • Your primary concerns (e.g. clarity, sentence structure, incorporating evidence, flow between paragraphs, general genre questions, etc.)

  • Any other info that you think would be helpful as we read your work, including timelines

2. The GWC coordinator will let you know they’ve received your email and pair you with a consultant.

3. The consultant will email you directly to set up a meeting that works for both of your schedules. *If you do not receive a response within 24 hours of your initial request, please follow up with the GWC coordinator.

4. Before you meet with a consultant, they will spend time reading your document and giving thoughtful feedback that you will discuss during your meeting.

Please refer to our FAQ page on our blog for more information about timelines and submissions.

Online Graduate Programs

Students in online graduate programs may also utilize the Graduate Writing Center. Please contact a consultant via email for further assistance. 

Hours and Location

The Graduate Writing Consultants set up individual appointments with students. They meet with students in the Graduate Research Center in Poage Library, or at other convenient locations on campus.


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