Care Team

Referable concerning behaviors might include unusual or erratic behavior in class, in the residence hall, or elsewhere on campus; extended absences from class or disengagement by an otherwise engaged student; written or creative work that expresses troubling themes or references; drug and alcohol abuse; verbal or written threats made by a student; written or verbal expression of suicidal ideation or intent; and/or other actions that cause alarm or call into question the safety of the student or students. While the above list is comprehensive, it is not complete, please also submit any referrals you have for students who have any type of concerning, alarming, or threatening behavior.

When a student exhibits behaviors of concern and could potentially be a risk to self and others, the Senior Case Manager for Student Life and others on the Care Team coordinate a proactive effort to prevent and/or manage the situation.  If you submit a CARE Report, you may be contacted for additional information or follow up.  The goal is to support students in accessing both on- and off-campus resources, so that they can be personally and academically successful.  This intervention is NOT for emergencies.  For all emergencies, call BUPD at 254-710-2222.  For further questions or concerns, contact Meghan Becker, Senior Case Manager for Student Life, at 254-710-7069 or

[COVID-19 UPDATE, 3-20-20] 

CARE Team services are here to assist students as much as possible through the Spring 2020 semester.  From now until the end of the semester, should a student need help from CARE Team Services, we can be reached in the following ways: