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Kevin Gutzwiller

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Professor of Biology

Office: A.228 Baylor Sciences Bldg; (254) 710-2102.
Lab: A.258R Baylor Sciences Bldg; (254) 710-2320.

Professor of Biology

B.S. Biology, University of Cincinnati
M.S. Wildlife Management, Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D. Zoology & Physiology, University of Wyoming

Modern Concepts of BioScience (1305 & 1306)
Climate Change Biology (3320)
Ornithology (4428)
Methods in Spatial Ecology (5100)
Conservation Biology (5330)
Climate Change and Biodiversity (5335)
Biological Invasions: Ecology and Management (5360)
Landscape Ecology (5377)
Biometrics (5412)

Some Current Research Emphases
Thresholds in Species-Landscape Relationships
Influences of Climate Change and Fire on Avian Distributions
Habitat Persistence and Transition Modeling
Interannual Variation in Species Distribution Models
Applications of Landscape Ecology in Biological Conservation

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