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Ph.D. Degree

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology

Our Doctor of Philosophy program specializes in aquatic biology, terrestrial ecology, and genetics. In the doctoral program, the intent is to develop in the student an extensive working knowledge in a subdiscipline of biology. This program involves an in-depth, independent, original research experience culminating in an approved dissertation. It is expected that the doctoral graduate will be properly equipped with the knowledge and training needed to independently pursue projects of fundamental importance through research and to teach at an advanced level in his/her area of specialty and at introductory levels the basic concepts of biology.

Faculty and Degrees

The Department of Biology comprises 20 faculty members, all of whom hold the Ph.D. or M.D. degree. The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biology requires completion of a dissertation. Students should expect to take a minimum of three years to complete the degree.

Areas of Specialization

The Department offers broad coverage of biology, with opportunities to specialize at the Ph.D. research level in ecology, population biology, aquatic biology, limnology, and genetics. Each graduate student works closely with one or more faculty members, who direct the student's course work and research.

Refer to the statement of requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Biology for important information on additional requirements related to teaching, seminar requirements, comprehensive oral exam, and grades.

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