James Tandy, MD

James Tandy, MD
Clinical Professor
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Clinical Professor


BS Biology Baylor University - 1984
Doctor of Medicine UT Southwestern, Dallas - 1989
Internship/Residency in Otolaryngology UT Southwestern - 1989-1995

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As a pre-medical student at Baylor University, I experienced first-hand the immeasureable influence a physician could have interacting with pre-medical students in the role of professor and advisor. It was during my time as as undergraduate that I envisioned returning to Baylor, as a physician, to teach and mentor.

The opportunity to teach at Baylor since 2004 has afforded me the chance not only to teach but also to be a source of information for students pursuing a career in health-related professions. Judging from my own experience, students appreciate being taught by and receiving counsel from one who has successfully been down the path which they now travel. It has been a pleasure to have the children of my former Baylor classmates in class as they follow in their parents' footsteps.

I directly attribute the academic and professional success I have enjoyed in my career to principles instilled by the superior teaching and experienced guidance Baylor provided. Furthermore, my experience as a Baylor undergraduate greatly influences my current role at Baylor. Holding in high esteem Baylor's instruction and guidance, I not only feel a profound sense of responsibility in making sure that the integrity of my degree is maintained, but also that those who come after me should continue to experience the same standard of commitment that was given to me when I attended. I believe the best way I can maintain this integrity is to faithfully dedicate myself to excellence in teaching as well as offering useful guidance, based on my personal experiences in medicine, to those seeking careers in health-related fields.

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Married to Norma Tandy (Physician Assistant retired); Children - Lewis (Baylor Class 2015), Alexandra (Baylor Calss 2016), Benjamin (Baylor Class 2019), Wesley (Class 2021). I continue with my full-time medical practice with Waco Ear Nose & Throat; Elder Redeemer Presbyterian Church. (www.goodnewsnotgoodadvice.com)

Department of Biology

B.207 Baylor Science Building
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Waco, TX 76798-7388

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