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The Department of Biology is committed to deepening a culture of discovery from a modern life sciences perspective through teaching and research that emerge from interdisciplinary and problem-solving collaboratives. As a community of learners composed of students, faculty and staff, our objectives are to study biological phenomena with broad societal ramifications, understand foundational mechanisms from the scale of gene expression to macroevolution, and develop and teach knowledge that can be applied to pressing and complex issues. We are dedicated to the overarching purpose of improving lives through teaching and research that address worldwide challenges in human health and environmental stewardship.

Statement of Evolution

Evolution, a foundational principle of modern biology, is supported by overwhelming scientific evidence and is accepted by the vast majority of scientists. Because it is fundamental to the understanding of modern biology, the faculty in the Biology Department at Baylor University (Waco, TX) teach evolution throughout the biology curriculum. We are in accordance with the American Association for Advancement of Science’s statement on evolution. We are a science department, so we do not teach alternative hypotheses or philosophically deduced theories that cannot be tested rigorously.

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