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Posters 2012

Sodium Fluoride Effects on Simocephalus serrulatus Reproduction
   Members: Spencer Cushen, Lindsey Graham, and Steven Bull

Optimal Temperature for Simocephalus serrulatus Reproduction
   Members: Blanca Macareno, Emily Jenkins, and Kenzie Davis

Effects of Heightened Nitrate Levels: Cattail v. Bulrush
   Members: Drew Papadelis, Dillon Gasper, and Gilbert Ruiz

The Effect of Escherichia coli on the Reproductivity of Simocephalus serrulatus
   Members: Lauren Howard, Madiha German, and Panna Patel

Sustainability of Mosquito Larvae at Various Temperatures
   Members: Grant Clinkingbeard, Hollie Burrus, and Alyssa Gorlick

Additive Nutrients' Effect on Phytoplankton Measured by the Reproductive Success of Simocephalus Serrulatus
   Members: Grant Oviatt, Abel Alemeshet,and Alyssa Pantle

Determining the Effects of Selenastrum capricornatum, Escherichia coli B, and Saccharomyces a1
   on the Population Growth of Simochephalus serrulatus.

   Members: Michael Cotten, Shradha Thokala, and Raquel Ledesma

Population Growth of Simocephalus serrulatus vs. Water from Varying Locations of Lake Waco Wetlands
   Members: Cameron Chin, Karen Durbin, and Melody Padilla

Sodium Chloride Effects on Simocephalus serrulatus Reproduction
   Members: Justin Schappell, Ben Reed, and Audrey Murchland

Effect of Chlorine Concentrations on Cladophora sp.
   Members: Chris Harvey, Andrew Kliphon, and Elizabeth Yuan.

Effect of Copper (II) Sulfate Pentahydrate on Simocephalus serrulatus Reproduction
  nbsp; Members: Tyler Freeman, Brad Kroyer, and Leena Rani

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Chlorophyll Variance in the Lake Waco Wetlands
   Members: Emily Adams, David Dreier, and Amity Martin&bull

17a-Ethynylestradiol's Effect on Simocephalus serrulatus Reproduction
   Members: Paige Pollard, Jace Silcox, and Shane Waldrop

Effects of Prescribed Burning on Phosphorus Levels in Lake Waco Wetlands
   Members: Cristin Rodriguez and Brandy Borunda

The Effects of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate on Mosquito Development and Viability
   Members: Tiffany Gorman, Stacy Sebastian, and Venessa Widjaya

Infection Rate and Effect on Reproduction of Metschnikwia bicuspidata on Two Age Groups of
   Simocephalus serrulatus Population

   Members: Megan Steele, Salima Hirjee, and Tyler Mappe

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