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Department of Biology
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Posters 2010

Conductivity study through cells of the Lake Waco Wetlands
  Members: Dan Daugherty, Ellie Powell, & Keith O'Dwyer

The pH Predicament
  Members: Pricilla Hosein, Daniel Nassar, & Emmanuel Sammy

Relationship between insect abundance and distance from Eichelberger Crossing at the Waco Wetlands
  Members: Jacob Hoffman, Eric Phan, & Wesley Nesbit

Soil Types vs Schoenoplectus californicus Growth in the Waco Wetlands
  Members: Amy Kaur, Jade Webb, & Melissa Hahn

Large Crawfish Algae Consumption vs Small Crawfish Algae Consumption
  Members:Alex Nunn, Alex James, & Amanda Drake

Lethal Doses of Fluoride in Shrimp
  Members: Grace Butler, Ashley Eisele, & Erica Nichols

Competition Between Bulrush and Algae
  Members: Rashmi Krishnappa, Robert Hausler, & Porscha Mendoza

Algal Growth in the Lake Waco Wetlands
  Members: Tarin Ahmed, Roshan Patel, & Fiyin Abraham

Lead Accumulation in Crayfish of the Lake Waco Wetlands
  Members: Blake Hughes, Kelley Kieser, & Jason Lambert

Hypoxia in a Freshwater Ecosystem related to Varying Levels of Nutrients
  Members: Jessica Castrillon, Tiffany Goines, & Hanna Wiswall

Fire Ants: Enhance Soil Nitrate Levels?
  Members: Sammy Raad, Frany Dadhania, & Josh Fernelius

Effects of 17-B Estradiol on Male Crawfish Aggression
  Members: Juliet Garcia, Brad Gary, & Erin Hall

Effect of Cigarettes on Water Quality in the Wetlands
  Members: Steven Chang, Alix Chen, & Jonathan Nguyen

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