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Honors - Emily Cunningham

Emily Cunningham

"I wanted to be a doctor from age five." a calling that leads many young students to Baylor's excellent pre-med program. But it was more than a desire to succeed that brought Emily here: it was the conviction that a Christian faith should inform every aspect of life, from service to studies. "When we toured campus, my family and I felt a real peace about this place, especially when we saw the words engraved on the science building: By Him all things are made.'" Though she toured several other universities, she felt that sense of rightness nowhere else.

"Baylor, in the end, was the only one I took seriously in my application. I knew it would be big enough that I would meet lots of people but small enough that I'd see a familiar face every day." This is a common statement among Baylor graduates: that the size of the student body is at that perfect balance that can attract top-flight faculty while still promoting meaningful interaction. "I can go to a professor's office, and they're there. It's not a grad student that I'm talking to when I have problems; I have access to my professors directly. I've never had a professor who didn't have the time to help."

"Dr. Marcie Moenke has been a mentor to me. She's actually strengthened my spiritual life as well as my academic career. I've even been able to do some research with her, which has been fantastic for me." Emily participated in an undergraduate research group under Dr. Moenke that has been measuring the effectiveness of the highly-touted aa berry in combating toxins in the body. "I'd taken Dr. Moenke's genetics class, and I was absolutely blown away. I really wanted to do anything involving genetics. We're even hoping to publish our results when we finish."

Despite the rigorous requirements of a Biology Prehealth major and the added task of extracurricular research, Emily has found the time to be active in her sorority as well. "I'm a Chi-O, which is where I spend all my social time. I've been very involved in leadership within both Chi Omega and the Panhellenic community." This is the balanced approach to undergraduate studies that Baylor promotes: a healthy mix of spiritual, mental, and social growth.

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