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Honors - Rahul Chhana

Rahul Chhana

Rahul, who will head off to medical school this fall, took advantage of nearly every opportunity Baylor has to offer. As a member of a fraternity and the Indian Subcontinent Student Association, he participated in intramural sports, service, and social events. Through the Medical Service Organization, Rahul heard regular speakers on medical ethics and career opportunities, received guidance through mentorship programs, and were given the opportunity to shadow medical professionals.

Rahul participated in two extracurricular research projects. "I helped on a project with Dr. Kenneth Wilkins about mammalian ecology. We caught bats and measured wingspan, collected feces from captured bats, and then analyzed those samples." His second research stint, with Dr. Owen Lind, was a little more glamorous: "We had these bacteria and we basically fed them a poison created by another bacterium that lives in the same environment. We were testing the effects of the one bacterium on the other to see how that ecosystem functions."

Rahul's favorite experience at Baylor was a semester-long study abroad program in Maastricht, Netherlands. "We were there taking intense upper-level classes: Clinical Decision-Making, Epidemiology, History of Medicine, and so on. We went to school from seven in the morning until eight at night and had to study after that." A hard schedule, but luckily, Rahul and his fellow students only kept up that pace for three days of the week. "We had four day weekends, so we usually travelled. And at the end of the trip we had about three weeks to ourselves. I think we visited thirteen European countries in total." Rahul says it's the hardest he's ever worked and the most fun he's ever had.

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