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Biology Honors Interviews

The Department of Biology asked ten exceptional students their thoughts on choosing Baylor to serve their needs, research interests and their goals for the future.

Rebekah Beyea
   "Nature is pretty much the top passion of my life. That's something from childhood: I've always been outdoors.
    I've always loved seeing the intricacies of the environment. I used to think I wanted to be an entomologist;
    I was always catching bugs. So Biology seemed a natural choice."

Colby Bouchard
  "For me, it was when I took a tour and saw this building. That's when I knew I was coming to Baylor." Colby,
  winner of the Cornelia M. Smith Award for Biology, will be starting medical school this fall.

Jordan Cartwright
  Because Jordan started her college career with an eye set on scientific research, Baylor seemed a natural
  choice. "There are hardly any Christian schools that focus on the sciences, and I think Baylor can compete
  with the Ivy League."

Rahul Chhana
  Rahul's favorite experience at Baylor was a semester-long study abroad program in Maastricht, Netherlands.
  "We were taking intense upper-level classes: Clinical Decision-Making, Epidemiology, History of Medicine, and
  so on." "..I think we visited thirteen European countries in total."
Rahul says it's the hardest he's ever worked -
  and the most fun he's ever had.

Emily Cunningham
  "I wanted to be a doctor from age five." A calling that leads many young students to Baylor's excellent pre-med
  program. But it was more than a desire to succeed that brought Emily here: it was the conviction that a
  Christian faith should inform every aspect of life, from service to studies.

Kirsten Dahl
  In aiming for medical school, Kirsten took an unusual approach: a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a Medical
  Humanities minor. "I was really looking for a degree that would round me out a bit more than most science
  majors.With the BA, I got to take classes I wouldn't have with a BS..."

Kyle Kahlden
  "I think Baylor did a great job of preparing me - just from talking with other people at the interviews, I realized
  I had a definite leg up on most other applicants,"
in terms of both academic experience and mentorship. "There
  are a lot of opportunities to learn about medicine at Baylor - what you put in is what you'll get out. There's
  no ceiling."

Leanna Matthews
  Leanna came to Baylor hoping to do genetics research, but soon "discovered the ecology side of biology, which
  really fascinated me. So I switched my focus more toward plants and animals than humans."
Thanks to Baylor's
  emphasis on undergraduate research opportunities, Leanna was able to narrow her interests through hands-on

Sergio Molina
  Sergio came to Baylor because, as an institution, it stood out among Texas schools. He stayed because Baylor's
  people stood out in his life. "The faculty here is so open. You can walk into any professor's office they'll make

Erika Rickord
  Erika is proof that a student doesn't need to have a specific goal in mind from the very beginning to be
  successful. "I feel very prepared for PA school. I've taken a lot of courses that I won't end up using, but I
  don't regret that at all."
She's just glad Baylor is strong in enough different areas to accommodate each change
  of heart.

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