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Kenneth Wilkins

Faculty - Ken Wilkins

Professor, Biology

Divisional Dean for Sciences,
College of Arts and Sciences

BSB Office: A.219
(254) 710 -2126
Dean's Office: BURL 201.06
(254) 710 -3733

Professor, Biology
Divisional Dean for Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences

Education --
BS, Biology, University of Texas at Arlington
MS, Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University
Ph.D., Zoology, University of Florida, 1982

Major Area of Research -- Ecology and natural history of mammals, especially rodents and bats

Courses --
Comparative Chordate Anatomy
Biology of Mammals
Seminars in Biology


I've been on the Biology faculty at Baylor University since Fall 1983. And, I have had opportunity to serve administrative roles in the Graduate School (as Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, 1998-2012) and in the College of Arts & Sciences (as Divisional Dean for Sciences, 2012- present). Presently, I am not teaching courses.

Research in the mammalogy laboratory pertains to various aspects of the biology of mammals. Recent research includes impact of invasive species (red imported fire ants; Old World bluestem grass) on the small-mammal community, and roosting ecology of bats in forests and in urban settings. My students (both graduate and undergraduate) and I have published papers in assorted scientific journals including the Journal of Mammalogy, Canadian Journal of Zoology, Urban Ecosystems, American Midland Naturalist, Western North American Naturalist, Southwestern Naturalist, and Texas Journal of Science. Our research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, National Geographic Society, Nature Conservancy, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and various private foundations.

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