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Graduate Biology Programs

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Ryan King, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology
Graduate Program Director

C.414 Baylor Sciences Building

The Graduate Programs of the Biology Department endeavor to provide an academic atmosphere in which graduate students and faculty can work together as a community of scholars. Through the free exchange of information, it is hoped that each student will broaden his/her intellectual perspectives, prepare for a productive vocation, and realize his/her potential as a scientist and as a responsible and informed member of society.

Before embarking on graduate-level study, it is essential that the student has an understanding of the basic concepts in biology. With such, he/she then can:

  1. Develop expertise in a specialized field of biology through independent study and research, supported by a well-planned program of cognate courses,
  2. Learn the methods employed in biological investigation and proceed toward making his/her own contribution to the scientific community, and
  3. Participate in the dissemination of the biological knowledge.

We emphasize the following degrees:

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