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The W. R. Poage Legislative Library is part of Baylor University Libraries, functioning as a research facility which collects congressional records and personal papers related to the political history of Central Texas. It was established in 1979 in honor of Congressman W.R. Poage, Baylor alumnus and retired public official whose career spanned over fifty years.
Explore Baylor's hometown through cultural, social and recreational opportunities and programs through discounts, giveaways and more.
Waco Hall is a 2,250 seat multipurpose theater with balcony seating, stage, orchestra pit and box office.
The Mission of Welcome Week is to introduce the educational ideal of balanced development of the whole person in the Christian atmosphere of Baylor University, to acquaint students with Baylor and its traditions, and to welcome each new student as a significant member of the life and family of the University.
The Baylor Wellbeing Initiative is designed to support the total wellbeing of Faculty, Staff, and their families, by providing resources to promote the five dimensions of wellbeing; Physical, Financial, Spiritual, Mental, and Professional.
Women's and Gender Studies(WGS) are the interdisciplinary studies of the human experience that places women and gender at the center of scholarly inquiry. The WGS program emphasizes the intellectual, artistic, political, social, economic, and spiritual contributions of women, which traditional scholarship long overlooked or denigrated. WGS uses the lens of gender to extend this analysis to a broader range of issues, including the social and cultural meanings of masculinity, femininity, and identity construction. WGS also explores the way that race, class, nationality, religion, sexuality, and other social categories influence gender roles.
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