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Baylor University Real Estate Operations provides real estate services from leasing, licensing, acquisitions and sales, to property management of real estate assets owned by the University. Baylor University’s Campus Services provides industry leading service in the areas of bookstore operations, copier services, dining services, guest housing and mail services.
The home page for information regarding enrolling for classes.
The home page of the department of Religion.
Baylor University faculty, staff and students are expected to maintain the highest standards of performance and behavior. If you encounter an incident, issue or concern where a violation of these expectations has occurred, use the Report It website to find links to reporting systems. In case of an emergency, please call the Baylor Police Department at 254-710-2222 or call 9-1-1!
Research at Baylor has long been an important part of the academic life of the University. The faculty's standing commitment to excellent teaching, scholarship and research continues to produce outstanding graduates at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
Residential Technology provides computer network connections and cable television services within Baylor's residence halls.
The ACT Residual test is an acceptable alternative for students who plan to attend Baylor University and who were unable to take the SAT or ACT on a nationally scheduled test date. The scores from these tests are acceptable for admission at Baylor University only and are not available to other institutions. The ACT-Residual is offered on the Baylor University campus.
This page provides links to numerous websites for anyone that may be visiting the Baylor campus.
It is anticipated that a number of Baylor offices and organizations will be involved in responding to the severe weather associated with Hurricane Michael and Texas Flooding.
After more than three years of evaluation and input from Baylor regents, deans, faculty and staff, and external entities, including healthcare partners and the consulting firm Grant Thornton the Baylor Board of Regents approved the creation of the College of Health and Human Sciences on May 16, 2014. The anchor academic units that form the College - Communication Sciences and Disorders, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health, and Human Performance and Recreation - share a common purpose: improving health and the quality of life. The new College is working to create curricula that will promote a team-based approach to patient care and will establish interdisciplinary research collaborations to advance solutions for improving the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. During the next few months the CHHS will work with other academic units on campus and the Provost's office to enable a transition of students, faculty, staff and processes to the CHHS.
The Robbins Institute for Health Policy and Leadership serves as an interdisciplinary foundation for all health care-related initiatives in the Hankamer School of Business, including teaching, external programming and health services research.
An award to recognize great teachers at any level of the educational process and to expose Baylor University students to the world's greatest teachers.
Baylor University yearbook
Russian is spoken by app. 150 million people in Russia and millions more outside Russia, including thousands of Americans.
The Aquatic Ecology Lab is an academic research laboratory interested broadly in aquatic ecosystems, whether they be marine or freshwater, flowing or still. Its primary focus is understanding environmental factors that influence the structure and functioning of aquatic communities--that is, interacting assemblages of species. Participants are interested in fundamental questions in ecology but apply our basic understanding of aquatic communities to evaluate and predict how human alterations may affect ecosystems.
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