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The Dean of Students oversees the “student-facing” departments of Campus Living and Learning, New Student Programs, Student Activities, and Student Conduct. Dr. Hynes has executive experience in many of the areas she will be overseeing as well as Assessment, Program Planning, Fiscal Management, and Leadership.
For generations, Baylor University has partnered with the Department of Defense in education, research and training. Service and leadership are embedded within our University mission, foundational values that invigorate our long-term partnership. As Baylor pursues a bold new research vision, we are poised like never before to build on that legacy.
In our Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree program we equip students to promote population health in a wide range of public health settings. Our strong practice-based approach, global health opportunities, and low faculty-student ratios provide our students with a quality learning experience that can enhance career development.
The University's Department of Public Safety which also contains the following areas: Fire Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Parking and Transportation and Baylor Alerts.
The Department of Student Media challenges students to explore diverse outlets and opportunities.
The Department of Wellness provides health education programs that help Baylor students develop healthy lifestyles and cultivate a culture of wellness on campus through knowledge and behavior change.
Diadeloso, Baylor's Day of the Bear - also affectionately known for the last few decades simply as Dia - is a day off from school during the spring when students enjoy games, tournaments, shows, and more.
The mission of the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University is to prepare social workers in a Christian context for worldwide service and leadership.
The intersection of the humanities with data and computing technologies.
The Digital Marketing Team provides strategic direction for and operation of the University’s diverse digital communication channels to advance the Baylor brand while working collaboratively to establish standards and provide resources that advance the priorities of campus partners. If you've visited a Baylor website or "official" social media outlet, then you've seen our work in action.
Dining on campus is a quintessential part of the overall college experience! Check out our dining locations to see all of the wonderful options we offer! Stay current with hours of operation and events via our social media channels.
As a University committed to our Christian faith-and maintaining our Baptist heritage - we believe that all truth is open to inquiry. As such, Baylor has a strengthened commitment to diversity - to exploring unique perspectives, seeking the unfamiliar, and loving our brothers and sisters of different heritages and experiences. By diversifying the breadth of knowledge and enlarging the cultural horizons encountered at Baylor University, our mission of preparing future generations for worldwide leadership is being fulfilled.
We offer an innovative and accelerated DPT program that allows completion of your degree requirements in two years. Our blended learning format combines best practices in distance education, on-campus lab immersion sessions, and clinical education experiences to prepare you as a future Doctor of Physical Therapy and servant leader in this remarkable profession.
Baylor's new content management system is a tool for academic and administrative units to create and manage websites. The system is based on Drupal and has been designed to support over 1,000 users and hundreds of websites.
The Dunn Center for Christian Music Studies was founded at Baylor University with the intent to provide leadership in all aspects of Christian music within today's society. As we continually strive to become a preeminent Christian music center worldwide, we foster the growth and effectiveness of efforts, utilizing Christian music to it's God-given potential.
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