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The post-professional OTD program prepares students for continued professional development in an area of clinical specialization, including preparation for teaching in that area of specialization in an academic setting. This unique program can be done 100% online.
Baylor University and the Office of Access and Learning Accommodation are committed to assuring equal access in all aspects of the college experience. OALA works with personnel from all areas of the University, especially faculty and administration, to determine how students with disabilities will meet academic requirements.
The Office of Engaged Learning is the central hub of programs in which faculty and staff help students maximize their undergraduate experience through learning beyond the classroom, linking transformational education to opportunities for application.
The Office of Interdisciplinary Programs provides Baylor students with vital interdisciplinary curricular options and incubates innovative interdisciplinary faculty research and teaching collaborations.
The Office of Investments is composed of a strong team of investment professionals that are experienced in investing across all aspects of the globally diversified Endowment portfolio. The office also manages real estate and other assets.
Baylor's Office of Research Compliance provides support to the Baylor research community to ensure all research activity complies with applicable government regulations, guidance documents, and funding agency guidelines. We help Baylor faculty, staff, and student researchers navigate research requirements through education and quality improvement initiatives designed to facilitate research, improve efficiencies, and ensure regulatory compliance.
Dr. Linda A. Livingstone began her tenure as Baylor University’s 15th president on June 1, 2017.
As the university's chief academic officer, the Provost has responsibility for all of Baylor's academic enterprises including twelve schools and colleges and more than one dozen research centers and institutes. The Provost works closely with the President, deans, department chairs, faculty, Regents, and others to provide academic vision and leadership and to promote and support excellence in teaching, learning, and research within the context of a Christian worldview.
The Office of the Registrar facilitates academic excellence and student success by providing important academic services for the Baylor community.
Fling your green and gold every time you’re on the road, and support Baylor students as you go. The official Baylor license plate is available to all Texas drivers. With each plate you purchase, a portion comes back to Baylor in support of student scholarships. Prices start at $35 per year.
Baylor University’s legacy encompasses over 175 years of meaningful traditions. The Official Baylor Ring is a tangible symbol of our university’s rich heritage and a lifelong emblem marking your incredible achievement and uniting you with Baylor alumni of the past, present and future.
The purpose of the Ombuds to Staff is to serve as a designated neutral resource for resolving workplace problems and challenges. The Ombuds is independent of the university's formal administrative structure and strives to consider all sides of an issue in an impartial and objective manner. The Ombuds cannot impose solutions but identifies options and strategies for resolution of disputes.
The Ombudsman to Students at Baylor University provides informal, neutral, and confidential dispute resolution services for students. Assistance is provided for interpersonal misunderstandings or disputes as well as to those with concerns about academic or administrative issues.
A quick & easy resource for admissions, financial aid, billing & payment.
OneSearch is a discovery resource that provides a single place to search most of the content available from the Baylor University Libraries. OneSearch replaced the Bearcat legacy library catalog system.
This directory is the official Baylor phonebook with contact information for faculty, staff and students. Information is provided within the system explaining how to update information contained in the directory.
You’re a business professional with real-world experience, ready to advance your career and grow in leadership capacity. But how do you keep pace with your current career and homelife all while going back to school? You enroll in a program whose core belief is based on balance.
Baylor's online programs offer the academically rigorous, Christian education you need to get ahead. Our programs provide flexible education opportunities that are backed by over 175 years of experience. Requiring both field and project work, as well as strategically scheduled immersions, the online programs are comprised of high-quality students and led by gifted faculty.
Baylor Opera Theatre trains performers in basic skill sets to perform as a singular artist and soloist; through practical application in staging, music rehearsals and specialized lectures. Baylor Opera Theatre strives to have a supportive rehearsal environment, so that the creativity of the student performers will be uninhibited. It is a goal of Baylor Opera Theatre to see to it that undergraduate vocal performance majors of merit graduate with a full role, performed with an orchestra.
The Baylor University organizational chart
New student orientation is an event you won't want to miss. During this two-day event, you'll learn more about Baylor, meet with an advisor to plan your college career, and register for your first semester classes.
The OA LLC is a close-knit community of students who love the outdoors and have a thirst for adventure and new experiences.
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