Week 6

Session 4 (Week 6, October 3) - Emotional and Spiritual Challenges

Introductory Writing Prompt: Describe one of the biggest challenges you have faced since leaving high school. What did you learn from this experience and how has it shaped you?

Recommended Reading

  1. Humility, Susan Colón
  2. On Attention and Inattention, Darin Davis

Small Group Discussion Prompts:

  1. What emotional and spiritual challenges have you encountered as a college student?
  2. How have you changed since high school? Since you left your former institution?
  3. What personal difficulties have you overcome?
  4. How has your education affected your faith?
  5. In times when you feel like driftwood, what ideas or habits sustain you?
  6. What aspects of being a student do you find spiritually formative?
  7. Remind students to take MAP-Works.