Orientation & Advising for First-Year Students

Orientation & Advising for First-Year Students

June 2019 Orientation (for First-Year Students and Guests)

June Orientation is a required two-day program designed to help you discover the incredible opportunities and experiences that await you as a Baylor Bear. You will meet other new Bears, make important decisions such as your first semester classes and meal plan, get your student ID card, and take your first steps as part of the Baylor Line! Parents and other guests are highly encouraged to attend with you, and there is no cost for students or guests to come to Orientation.

To best prepare students for the first year, all students are required to work with an academic advisor to register for classes. The most comprehensive path is to attend June Orientation, during which you will have time to meet with your advisor to discuss your academic journey.

There are 10 sessions offered throughout the month of June, including 4 offered as Combination Sessions with Baylor Line Camp. Reservations are required for Orientation, and sessions are available until spaces have filled. Please do not make travel or lodging accommodations until you have secured reservation in a specific session.

All Orientation Sessions are now over. Please sign up for Alternate Advising immediately to enroll this Fall.

Request for Alternate Registration

June Orientation Session Dates

Session 1 June 5 - 6 Wednesday - Thursday
Session 2 June 6 - 7 Thursday - Friday
Session 3 (Orientation Only) June 10 - 11 Monday - Tuesday
Session 3 (Combined with Line Camp) June 10 - 14 Monday - Friday
Session 4 (Orientation Only) June 11 - 12 Tuesday - Wednesday
Session 4 (Combined with Line Camp) June 11 - 15 Tuesday - Saturday
Session 5 (Orientation Only) June 17 - 18 Monday - Tuesday
Session 5 (Combined with Line Camp) June 17 - 21 Monday - Friday
Session 6 (Orientation Only) June 18 - 19 Tuesday - Wednesday
Session 6 (Combined with Line Camp) June 18 - 22 Tuesday - Saturday
Session 7 June 24 - 25 Monday - Tuesday
Session 8 June 25 - 26 Tuesday - Wednesday
Session 9 June 26 - 27 Wednesday - Thursday
Session 10 June 27 - 28 Thursday - Friday

Getting Ready for June Orientation

What if I am not able to attend June Orientation?

A limited number of appointments are available for a process called Alternate Advising & Registration, which is for students with special circumstances that prevent them from traveling to a June Orientation session (such as students coming from outside the US or traveling from significant distances). Approval for these advising appointments is granted on an individual basis. If approved for Alternate Advising & Registration, students will be contacted by their academic advisor in late May or early June to coordinate a time to be advised and register for classes.

Students who complete Alternate Advising & Registration are then encouraged to attend the half-day August Orientation session on Wednesday, August 21.

Learn more about Alternate Advising & Registration

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