Chapel is the oldest tradition in American higher education. Baylor believes that the need for members of the academic community to come together to focus on both the God who made them and the universe in which they live has not changed.

When Baylor was founded in 1845, Chapel was a part of life for students and faculty alike. Currently, University Chapel has moved to an online format, with highly produced, artistic videos based on our Christian faith for each week’s service. Later each week, students will be able to reflect on the chapel sessions within the community of small groups set up in partnership with Student Activities and New Student Programs.

Chapel Alternatives remain an option, allowing small groups to meet in traditional, in-person settings.

Watch Chapel Online

For most of Baylor's first 100 years, the entire BU community would gather for Baylor Chapel, until the student body grew too big for all to attend.

But Chapel's move online this fall due to COVID-19 brings with it an opportunity, as Chapel's doors are now open to the entire #BaylorFamily -- not just a "camera in the back of the room" situation, but a specially crafted worship service, available via Facebook and Vimeo.

Welcome Back to Baylor Chapel from Baylor Chapel on Vimeo.

Class Hymn

The Class Hymn is written annually by Dr. Burt Burleson and Ryan Richardson. It is a worship piece for the incoming class that enables them to sing a common melody together celebrating the beginning of their new journey.

Baylor Class of '24 Hymn (Band Version) from Baylor Chapel on Vimeo.

Explore Chapel Alternative Classes

Students who have completed one semester of traditional chapel may petition through the Office of Spiritual Life to fulfill their second semester requirement through one of the offered chapel alternatives. Departmental approval is required and registrations is handled through the Chaplain's office. E-mail for additional information and details.

Fall 2020 - Chapel Prayer & Study Offerings  
  • 502  - Evening Prayer in Elliston Chapel (9:30pm - 9:50pm , M-Th) | Carlos Colón
  • 505  - Morning Prayer in Memorial Chapel (8:30am – 8:50am M-Th) | Carlos Colón
  • 506  - Evening Prayer at Memorial Chapel (9:00pm-9:20pm, M-Th) | Carlos Colón, Jason Whitt
  • 507  - Evening Prayer in Robbins Chapel (9:30 pm – 9:50pm M-Th) | Carlos Colón
  • Faith and Sports – SFC Building, M & W, 10:10- 11:00 am | John Maurer
  • Faith and the Healing Professions – Elliston Chapel, M & W, 10:10- 11:00 am
  • Faith and the Veteran's Life - SFC Great Room, T, 9:30-10:45 am | Kevin Davis

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