Find Your People. Begin the Journey.

When every student completes their time at Baylor, we want them to be able to identify a community of mentors, peers, and ministers who walked alongside them in their spiritual growth and development. Finding your people is about establishing yourself in a unique community that can support you in good and hard times, navigate the difficult questions, encourage and challenge you spiritually, and show you a picture of the flourishing Christian life. Chapel experiences are the start of this journey.

Chapel experiences emerge from the communities here at Baylor that are already investing in the spiritual lives of our students. From academic cohorts, LLCs, athletics, campus ministries, residential colleges, and other programs, there is a chapel experience connected to the groups our students are already finding themselves.

Chapels are an orienting experience where students select their section by identifying communities and connections that resonate with them. In these chapel experiences, each Baylor student will experience Christian discipleship and learning that exposes them to the flourishing Christian life within a supportive community that can continue this journey long after chapel credits are complete. While unique, these chapel experiences all share a continuity within Baylor’s mission for quality content from trained leaders.

Chapel is the oldest tradition in American higher education. When Baylor was founded in 1845, Chapel was a part of life for students and faculty alike. Chapel has played an integral role in the life of Baylor University since its inception. What began as a single daily prayer service for all faculty, staff, and students has transformed over time to meet needs and respond to changes within the life of the university and the world at large.


To help students find their people, the sections below organize each experience based on a unique community or interest. Our hope is that each student will see themselves reflected in some way in these experiences and choose accordingly with their continued spiritual development in mind:

Chapel Prayers 


Morning or evening prayer services for 20 minutes daily, Mondays through Thursdays. Chapel Prayers are open to all but especially those who reside in the residential communities associated with our three campus chapels: Elliston, Robbins, and Memorial.

Chapel Worship


A service that is shaped by a historic understanding of Christian worship. It includes Scripture, prayer, preaching, and music intentionally crafted to include various church formats, languages and cultures.

Chapel Studies


Experiences designed to engage students at the intersection of faith and their academic discipline or in a more focused formational study or with a campus discipleship ministry. 

Fall 2022 Sections:


There are also special Directed sections available for anyone who would like to choose a minister or mentor to meet with one-on-one. This chapel credit is helpful for busy schedules that need more flexibility, or for students seeking a chapel experience more specific to their needs.

There is a special Directed Chapel Experience for athletes that may not be able to participate in the Faith & Sports sections.

Ask your Advisor about these sections for more details.


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