Chapel is the oldest tradition in American higher education. Baylor believes that the need for members of the academic community to come together to focus on both the God who made them and the universe in which they live has not changed.

When Baylor was founded in 1845, Chapel was a part of life for students and faculty alike. Chapel has played an integral role in the life of Baylor University since its inception. What began as a single daily prayer service for all faculty, staff, and students has transformed over time to meet needs and respond to changes within the life of the university and the world at large.

Today, five unique Chapel experiences are offered for students.

Chapel Prayers 

Morning or evening prayer services held in the various beautiful chapels across Baylor’s campus.

Chapel Worship

A service that is shaped by a historic understanding of Christian worship, that involves students in leadership, and that uses music from various church formats and cultures.

Chapel Studies

Experiences designed to engage students at the intersection of faith and their academic discipline or in a more focused formational study or with a campus discipleship ministry. 

Chapel Forum

Similar to Chapel Studies in its emphasis for those who want to grow in knowledge and understanding of Christian thinking and practice. However, unlike Chapel Studies, Chapel Forum is not a discipline-specific or interest-focused course.

Chapel Online

Biblical truths and practices are shared through the art of short films, which can be engaged alone or in group settings.  

Watch Chapel Online

For most of Baylor's first 100 years, the entire BU community would gather for Baylor Chapel, until the student body grew too big for all to attend.

But Chapel's move online in Fall 2020 due to COVID-19 brings with it an opportunity, as Chapel's doors are now open to the entire #BaylorFamily -- not just a "camera in the back of the room" situation, but a specially crafted worship service, available via Facebook and Vimeo.

Welcome Back to Baylor Chapel from Baylor Chapel on Vimeo.

Class Hymn

While it’s common for incoming freshmen to be welcomed to college by campus leaders, it’s not so common for that encouragement to come in the form of a hymn — but that’s what we do at Baylor. Since 2008, each incoming class has been welcomed with its own unique hymn, each capturing an aspect of this moment of excitement, possibility and transition in a student’s life. This year’s hymn, “Deeper Down Deeper Still,” was written expressly for the Class of 2025, with lyrics by University Chaplain Burt Burleson (BA ’80), music by Kathy Gladen Johnson (BM ’76), and an arrangement by Assistant Director of Chapel Carlos Colón (MM ’93). The lyrics speak to the unique time of life in which these incoming freshmen find themselves, and the music video features snapshot images of the Baylor experience — moments for students to capture, embrace and celebrate:

Baylor Spiritual Life