A Note to Instructors

You may notice that BU 1000 has changed, in a number of ways. While BU 1000 continues to draw from the curriculum of UNIV 1000, the course has been reorganized around the following topics: Adjustment to Baylor, Student Success, Learning Beyond the Classroom, Emotional and Spiritual Challenges, Career and Professional Development, and Integration of Faith and Learning. The class schedule has changed to synchronize with the schedule of UNIV 1000.

All sections at a given time slot will meet together as a large group to hear an invited speaker (normally 15 minutes), and then each instructor will meet with his/her section for the remainder of the time. Speakers will introduce the topic for the day, and instructors will go deeper with their students using their choice of the suggested readings, activities, and/or writing and discussion prompts.

If you have questions, please contact Courtney_Lyons@baylor.edu.