Class Session #1

Connect to Baylor

Guiding Question: What does being a part of the Baylor community look like for me? What communities within Baylor will help me become a better person than I am today?

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will be able to give examples of the excitement and challenges experienced during their transition to college.
  2. Students will know their instructor's name and how to reach him or her.
  3. Students will identify three student organizations that they are interested in learning more about in preparation for Late Night.

Possible Readings

  1. Chaplain - Involvement
  2. Chaplain - Liminal Space
  3. Rowatt, Wade - Generosity
  4. Shushok, Frank - Friendship
  5. Literary: Carolinne White, "Moving beyond Friendly to Friendship," Christian Reflection 27 (2008): 11-19; Hartley Coleridge, "Friendship"; Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 'Youth and Age"; Robert Burns, "John Anderson, My Jo"

Suggested In-Class Activities and Supplementary Materials

  1. Students come prepared to share your high and low of the week. What went well this week? What did not go so well?
  2. Freshman Survival Guide
  3. The Double Helix: Building the DNA for a Great College Experience
  4. Campus Involvement: Guided Questions and List of Organizations

Before the Next Meeting

  1. Students will attend Late Night.
  2. Students will connect with three organizations.