U1000 - Freshman Course Content

Welcome Students and Begin Building Community

Guiding Question: What does it mean to be a part of the Baylor community of scholars and of faith?


Posted Readings
  1. Chaplain - Say Hello
In Preparation for Teaching Your Class

You should plan to take attendance at every class meeting, as you will need to report attendance after the last class period.

On your first day of class, or perhaps in an email before the first class session, introduce yourself and what your role is in helping the students in your group by getting them connected and thriving in their first semester.

You might also try an icebreaker activity. Here is a popular U1000 icebreaker game: I'm a Bear, you're a Bear:

  1. Gather all participants (students, instructor and even family members).
  2. Gather enough chairs or seats for the amount of players minus one. For example, if you have ten players you will have nine seats.
  3. Make a circle or an enclosure with the chairs. Leave enough room for some shuffling or some running around inside the circle.
  4. Select one person to go first. That person stands in the middle of the circle while the other players sit in their seats.
  5. The person in the middle will now say "I'm a Bear, you're a Bear if you have never..." they list something they have never done; but are looking forward to doing during their time at Baylor. Examples might include "attended a Baylor home football game", or "been on a mission trip" etc. NB: It might be helpful to distribute the list of top 100 things to do at BU.
  6. Everyone sitting down who has never done what the person in middle has said must get up and find a new seat. The person in the middle will also take a seat. One person will be left without a seat, and they will take a turn in the middle.