Excellence in NSE Award

Excellence in NSE Award 2019-2020

Nominations are being accepted for the Excellence in New Student Experience Award. This annual award recognizes excellence among the faculty and staff involved in the New Student Experience courses at Baylor University. Nominations can be made by submitting a letter of nomination and providing information and personal insight on why the nominee is a good candidate for the award. Nominations are due November 1, 2019 by sending in the relevant materials to michelle_cohenour@baylor.edu .

Nominees for the Excellence in New Student Experience Award must demonstrate the following:
  • Commitment to Baylor's Mission
  • Commitment to the New Student Experience
  • Excellence in his/her area and knowledge of the New Student Experience as a whole
  • Commitment to furthering student growth and development through activities in and out of the classroom
  • Innovation and creativity in teaching
  • Commitment to helping new students fulfill the following:
    • Connect to Baylor
    • Understand Baylor’s Mission
    • Engage in Spiritual Formation
    • Succeed Academically
    • Develop Personal and Professional Goals
    • Develop Autonomy within a caring community

Congratulations to the 2017-18 Excellence in NSE award winner Janice Stewart who was nominated by her student Natalie Crowder.




2017-2018 Honorable Mention Excellence in NSE award winners:

Dr. Mito Diaz-Espinoza

Joe Oliver

Dr. Randy Wood