NSE in Your Syllabus

We strongly encourage all NSE instructors to include a summary of NSE in their syllabi. This helps students understand how their NSE course fits into their overall Baylor experience and brings an intentionality to the relationship between faculty and student. Please consider including one of the NSE logos in your syllabus as well.

The NSE Advisory Council recommends including the information below in your NSE syllabus.

New Student Experience

Baylor cares about your transition into college, so all incoming students are required to take a New Student Experience (NSE) course. NSE courses provide the opportunity for first-semester students to form meaningful connections with each other and with faculty in an academic community. NSE courses also introduce students to the key values of a liberal education including critical thinking, the integration of faith and learning, and social responsibility through the lens of [FILL IN THE COURSE DISCIPLINE]. NSE courses are designed to support your success by engaging you academically, socially, and spiritually in the earliest stages of student development.

By the end of the first year, through your participation in the overall New Student Experience programming at Baylor including Orientation, Line Camp, Move-In, Welcome Week, Chapel, and this NSE course, we hope you will:

  1. Understand Baylor’s mission and learning outcomes
  2. Connect to Baylor
  3. Engage in spiritual formation
  4. Develop personal and professional goals
  5. Succeed academically
  6. Develop autonomy through caring community

Learn more at https://www.baylor.edu/nse

Suggested Syllabus Statements - All Undergraduate - 2018-2019