Step 1. Compiling the Reading List

During their freshman year, Scholars work to compile the Independent Reading List for the Exit Interview they will take during the fall of their junior year.  Scholars choose from a list of approved texts, each of which has been assigned a number of Reading Units (RUs).  (Some lengthy works on the list have been assigned an RU range instead of a single RU value.  Directors may approve selections from these works and assign an RU value based on the amount of material read.)  The Independent Reading List should total approximately 20 RUs in each of three periods:  Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance, and Modern (10 RUs from Early Modern and 10 RUs from Later Modern) for a total of 60 RUs. 

Scholars may include a small selection of texts (up to 20 RUs) read in GTX 2301 and GTX 2302.  These texts appear in red on the Independent Reading List Template.  Texts not read in their entireties in UNSC or BIC courses may also be completed for reduced credit, with the approval of a director. 

Since the independent readings are intended to broaden the Scholar’s knowledge, selections must be limited to 3 or, in rare instances, 4 Reading Units by the same author.  (Concentrated readings in one author should be reserved for the senior thesis.)  The reading selections are not required to reflect a student’s concentration, but they should set an agenda for personal enrichment during the Scholar’s undergraduate years.  Exceptions to the author limit or inclusion of texts that do not appear on the UNSC reading list must be approved by a program director. 

Scholars must present the entire 60 points of their reading list for approval at the advisement appointment in the spring of their freshman year or at their first advisement appointment if they enter the program at a later date. 

Scholars should follow the standard format provided in the Independent Reading List Template.  To be official, the list must be signed and dated by both student and director.  If students wish to make subsequent changes, they must submit a new list with changes noted, and have it signed by a director.

Note: When composing your Independent Reading List, please take care to select texts that you are not reading in a course, with the exception of the pre-approved texts that appear in red on the Independent Reading List Template.

For more information, please see the guidelines for your year of entry into UNSC:

Guidelines for the Independent Reading List for University Scholars who entered 2019 or later

Guidelines for the Independent Reading List for University Scholars who entered prior to 2019

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