Baylor has always understood its educational mission in especially expansive terms, rooted in its Christian identity. A Baylor education aims at the formation of whole persons and not simply the dissemination of useful knowledge and job skills. A project this ambitious cannot be accomplished in the classroom alone. Baylor therefore surrounds its excellent classroom experiences with vibrant, formative, collegiate communities-communities united by the bonds of friendship and common purposes that form us as whole persons.

The HRC is one of these communities. College members covenant together to be formed as whole persons through the love of neighbor, the love of learning, and the love of God. Since strangers rarely share deeply formative conversations, the first objective of the HRC is to create a community in which students know one another, as well as the faculty and staff of the Honors College. Since the most formative conversations are fueled by exposure to substantive reflections on life's biggest questions, the HRC also invites students into an ongoing conversation through community-wide lectures and smaller gatherings with guests from campus and beyond. Since the most formative experiences are the work of God's grace in our lives, the HRC also invites its members to center their daily work as a response to God's grace through the observance of morning and evening prayer.

The HRC is a sign of how seriously Baylor University and the Honors College takes its obligations to help students get the most out of a Baylor education. We invite you to join us in pursuit of our worthy aspirations, trusting that our life together will shape us each into persons worthy of bearing the name of Christ in the world.


Jonathan Tran
Associate Professor
Faculty Steward, Honors Residential College