Honors College

Love truth, kindle faith, and cultivate virtue in friendship, study, and service to Christ and neighbor.

The Honors College unites four innovative programs committed to helping undergraduates pursue questions that often fall between the cracks of the specialized disciplines, by exploring the writings of scientists along with the writings of poets, historians, and philosophers.

Opportunities Students may participate in one or more of these opportunities in the Honors College and may mix these opportunities with other non-Honors college options offered by the University. Our students often continue their studies in graduate, medical, or law school upon graduation, or land competitive jobs in diverse fields responsive to their vocation.
Majors University Scholars Freedom to pursue multiple disciplines and high-level research opportunities. Great Texts Wisdom through life-changing encounters with foundational works of literature, theology, and philosophy.
General Education Baylor Interdisciplinary Core Integrated learning that fulfills most university general ed requirements.
Academic Enhancements Honors Program Enhanced learning for any major with independent and innovative research.


The Honors College brings together a community of students and faculty devoted to the love of learning, to the cultivation of wonder, and to pursuing life’s most important questions both within and outside of the classroom. Students engage in rich conversations with prominent faculty through two distinct undergraduate majors, University Scholars and Great Texts, as well as two programs, the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core and the Honors Program.

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Honors Residential College

The Honors Residential College (HRC) is an optional multi-year community that fosters intellectual, moral, and spiritual formation through friendship, integrated study, community service, and spiritual engagement. The HRC is home to 330 Baylor students enrolled in one of the Honors College majors or programs above. The HRC is located in Alexander and Memorial Halls.

More About the Honors Residential College
Oct. 21, 2020
Formation Series Encourages Meaningful Conversation about Race, Justice, and Christian Higher Education
On Monday, October 12th, the Honors Residential College hosted Dominque Hill, MS, the Director of Wellness at Baylor University, to discuss important issues surrounding race and justice from a Christian lens. This lecture was both enlightening and intriguing, as was evidenced by the robust discussion and many questions that concluded the hour-long event.
Oct. 15, 2020
Dean's Update - October 15, 2020
Alma Mater. Kind mother. Is it not remarkable that a fundamental human relationship, transformed into an epithet of maternal Roman goddesses and adapted by Christians to praise the Virgin Mary, should be used to describe one’s college or university? Yet we commonly call our universities alma maters and adopt fiercely loyal familial views of them.
Oct. 12, 2020
Baylor Welcomes the 2020 Getterman Scholars
This fall, our campus welcomed three new recipients of the prestigious Getterman Scholarship, which honors students whose outstanding achievements demonstrate a clear commitment to scholarship, leadership, and service. Selected from a pool of over 400 applicants through a rigorous five-month process, Getterman Scholars receive a renewable scholarship covering tuition, fees, room and board, and mission trips or study abroad. This year, the third in which the scholarship has been awarded, the honor was given to University Scholar Jenna Fitzgerald, Business Fellow Caleb Skinner, and Music Education Major Abigail Reed.
Oct. 1, 2020
Dean's Update - October 1, 2020
On Monday evening, a handful of students gathered with me for an honors colloquium. The book assigned was Will Campbell’s moving memoir, Brother to a Dragonfly. Poignant, self-deprecating, trenchant, and sometimes funny, it assuredly deserves its National Book Award finalist status. It also deserves wide readership now, forty-three years after publication, for the intertwined tragedies of Southern poverty and racism sadly remain with us.
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