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A Transformative Academic Community
A Transformative Academic Community
Dean Thomas Hibbs talks about working toward Tier 1 status, Baylor’s Christian mission, and how the the Honors College’s rigorous programs serve both.

Alan Jacobs: a Christian intellectual for the internet age
Several months before the 2016 election, Harper’s Magazine published an unlikely essay by Alan Jacobs suggesting that in the midst of the fractious punditry gripping the country, we might benefit from the return of Christian public intellectuals. “Their task,” Jacobs suggested, “would be that of the interpreter, the bridge of cultural gaps; of the mediator, maybe even the reconciler.” Such thinkers existed half a century ago and occupied a prominent role in the public square, he wrote, but “they are gone now.”

It was a strange comment coming from Jacobs, who was, in a way, describing himself: a Christian intellectual who has dedicated most of his career to bridging gaps not only between Christians and non-Christians but also between disciplines and audiences.
Sofia Sonner, Honors College Senior, Selected for Fulbright ETA to Taiwan
Sofia Sonner, a senior biology major from South Pasadena, California, has been selected to receive a prestigious Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to Taiwan. Sonner is among three Fulbright recipients this spring and Baylor’s 54th Fulbright recipient since 2001.

“She takes true delight in learning,” Doyle said. “One outcome of that desire to learn was Sofia’s summer field station experience, a requirement on our ecology track, at Oregon Institute of Marine Biology. That selection built on her previous volunteer experience at the Aquarium of the Pacific where she interacted with guests to teach them about marine animals. Sofia is well-prepared academically but also passionate about teaching and service. I look forward to hearing great things from her Fulbright experience and beyond.”