UNSC Next Steps

Confirm with University Scholars

Congratulations on your acceptance to University Scholars! Although you are accepted, we still need you to confirm (or decline) University Scholars (UNSC) as your major by logging into GoBaylor. We recommend you confirm UNSC as your major as soon as possible.

By confirming UNSC, you are indicating that you intend to enroll as a University Scholars major. You do not need to submit your deposit in order to confirm UNSC, and your UNSC confirmation is non-binding. If you have already confirmed your acceptance, your major will be changed to University Scholars. Your major will not be changed until you confirm.

Please see the opportunities for University Scholars listed below.

Why Choose UNSC?

If you want to learn more about University Scholars before deciding, click the button below.

Why Choose UNSC?

Once you confirm, here are opportunities for you: 

Honors Residential College

As an Honors College student, you also have the opportunity to live in the Honors Residential College (HRC). This unique residential college provides a living experience that fosters community, discovery, and opportunities for personal growth. For more information about important housing dates and housing options in the HRC, please follow this link.  If you have any question, please contact HRC@baylor.edu

How to Apply to the HRC

Honors College Scholarships

More than 90 percent of students receive financial assistance at Baylor. As part of that support, the Honors College annually awards nearly $1 million in endowed scholarships to incoming and current students, with an average award amount of $5,000. Honors College scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and need. Click the link below to learn more and apply.

Honors College Scholarships

Summer Orientation

Orientation is a required two-day program designed to help you discover the incredible opportunities and experiences that await you as a Baylor Bear. You will meet other new Bears, make important decisions such as your first semester classes and meal plan, get your student ID card, and take your first steps as part of the Baylor Line! For more information or to reserve a spot, click below.

Summer Orientation

Summer Line Camp

Baylor Line Camp is an extended summer orientation experience designed to prepare you for your transition to Baylor. At Line Camp, you will forge new friendships, connect with the rich history and tradition of your new home, and explore how Baylor’s distinct Christian mission will animate your story. On-campus sessions of Baylor Line Camp are 4-day, 3-night experiences designed to welcome you into That Good Old Baylor Line. Off-campus sessions combine many of these elements with unique opportunities to explore or serve. For more information or to reserve a spot, click below.

Line Camp

Thinking about First-Year Courses?

Learn more about UNSC coursework by reading about UNSC Major Requirements and UNSC Concentrations.

If you have questions about University Scholars, please e-mail us at University_Scholars@baylor.edu or call us at (254) 710-3744. Congratulations again, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

University Scholars

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