UNSC Advisement

UNSC Advisement takes place in October and March of each year. Please schedule an appointment with one of the University Scholars advisors through Navigate (SSC).

Given the demands of your schedule and your advisors’ schedules, it may not be possible for you to schedule an appointment with your preferred advisor. We recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as possible.

When you meet with a UNSC advisor, please

  • come prepared with a proposed list of courses and a rationale for that semester’s courses.
  • come prepared to discuss your goals, intermediate and long term.
  • bring a copy of your Reading List if you have not yet submitted one for approval or if you have made changes to your Reading List since your last advising appointment.  Be sure to identify clearly what changes have been made. Freshman in their spring semester must submit a Reading List for approval prior to signing up for fall classes.

Changing classes after advisement without your adviser's approval ­— i.e. the same adviser who counsels you — can lead to automatic dismissal from the program.

Once you have been formally advised, you may register for classes at your appointed time. Early registration times are tied to credit hours earned, so not all early registrants will register for classes at the same time. Verify that you have been cleared for registration by UNSC and any other department (such as Honors or BIC) prior to your registration time. You are responsible for securing any required authorization (pre-rec waivers, enrollment capacity, special approval, etc.) for your courses; UNSC advisors may not authorize special permissions in other departments.

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