Maintaining UNSC Status

To remain in and graduate from the program, University Scholars must maintain a 3.5 minimum GPA. Scholars who have not earned a 3.5 or greater cumulative GPA at the close of fall or spring semester are required to file a GPA Acknowledgement (form 99j) and apply for a probationary semester (form 32b). If the probationary semester is granted, the Scholar is accountable for the plan s/he has set forth to raise the GPA. It is imperative that the subsequent semester demonstrate that the student is able to attain the 3.5 GPA.

Students who resign from or are released by the University Scholars Program must fulfill the general requirements of the university in addition to the requirements for a chosen major.

Information about the UNSC degree is available in the undergraduate catalog and in the UNSC Handbook. Please make an appointment with an advisor if you have additional questions.