Responding to a Notice of Alleged Violation

Notice of Alleged Violation Letters are based on allegations of Honor Code violations submitted to the Office of Academic Integrity. It is important for students to understand that receiving a notice letter does not equal immediate responsibility (or guilt) of misconduct.

Just how important is it for a student to respond to an alleged violation letter?
EXTREMELY, because an Honor Code violation allegation has been submitted to the Office of Academic Integrity, it is important for the student to review the notice in order to understand the student’s rights, what the alleged violation states, what is stated in the report that was submitted, and what the Honor Code process entails at this point. The student has 21 calendar days to contest the allegation.

RESPONDING to an alleged violation letter is very simple. A student can email the office at or call the Office of Academic Integrity at 254-710-1715 before the deadline stated in the letter. The Director for the Office of Academic Integrity assists students in understanding the Honor Code process and students’ rights under this policy.