About the UWC

What We Do

At the University Writing Center (UWC), we offer free personal consulting in all areas of writing and composing at any stage of the writing process. Whether you want a reader for a final draft, to brainstorm ideas, or to discuss an entire assignment, the UWC can help.

Because everyone writes differently, we tailor our support to meet each writer's needs. We believe that writing benefits from feedback and response, so the UWC is a place for dialogue and conversation. We take the time to talk about your writing so that you can become a better writer, reviewer, and editor of your own work.

We are qualified readers of print-based, digital, and new media compositions. Some of the print-based documents we review include academic essays, research papers, lab reports, literature reviews, job applications, proposals, personal statements, resumes, and CVs. We also consult over digital, visual, and multimodal compositions, including audio and video essays, brochures, flyers, websites, digital stories, research posters, and other new media projects. We also help with issues particular to ESL writers.

Who We Are

The University Writing Center is staffed by both undergraduate and graduate consultants who act as an audience for writing in progress, as well as a director and graduate assistant directors who are trained in rhetoric and writing studies. The consultants work by asking questions to help writers discover what they want to say and determine if they have effectively communicated what they intended to say to their target audience and for their intended purpose. Generally speaking, consulting sessions prove most productive when clients schedule meetings earlier than later in the writing process.