Syllabus Statement

Students and Academic Integrity

Baylor University policies require that students, staff, and faculty act in academic matters with utmost honesty and integrity. It is the responsibility of each student to be familiar with the Honor Code and other university policies and procedures affecting academic integrity. Students are also encouraged to consider these suggestions:

  • Review each class syllabus for expectations your professor may have regarding course work and class attendance that go beyond those stated in university policies and guidelines and the Honor Code.
  • Be familiar with the importance of academic integrity in class. Understand how citations show respect for other scholars.
  • Talk with your professor if you are confused about citation practices or other research standards.
  • Make sure you understand not only what counts as plagiarism and cheating, but also how to avoid engaging in these practices. Manage your time, take notes correctly, and use the internet appropriately.
  • Make sure you understand your professor’s guidelines about working with other students on assignments, receiving assistance from other students on assignments, citing sources, using notes or exams from previous or other classes, and accessing information during an examination. If in doubt – ASK YOUR PROFESSOR!
  • Understand that penalties can result from dishonest conduct, ranging from failure of the assignment to immediate expulsion from the university.

For more information see the Baylor University Honor Code on the Academic Integrity Web page or contact the Office of Academic Integrity at 710-8882 or

Modified 7-21-08