Office of Academic Integrity

The Office of Academic Integrity, in coordination with the chair of the Honor Council and the provost, has oversight for all records and information related to the Honor Code and academic integrity at Baylor University.

The philosophy of the Office of Academic Integrity is to foster, within a distinctly Christian environment, a university culture of academic integrity. The ethical code by which students conduct their academic pursuits at Baylor will provide a basis for understanding the ethical codes that students will find in their future careers and personal lives. It is crucial, therefore, for Baylor to have clearly defined expectations regarding academic integrity, to communicate those expectations effectively to faculty and students, and to hold faculty and students accountable for conducting themselves in accordance with those rules.

We hope you will find this website helpful as you search for information regarding the Honor Code process. If you have difficulty locating or understanding the policy or have other questions, please feel free to contact us.