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Education Majors for International Students

The Baylor University School of Education has two undergraduate routes that terminate in a bachelors degree: teacher education programs that lead to teacher certification and undergraduate degree programs related to Health, Human Performance, and Recreation. According to Texas State law, international students who wish to pursue teacher education programs must meet minimum test score requirements as follows:

  1. Submit a TOEFL exam score with a minimum Listening score of 26.
  2. Submit a qualifying ACT or SAT score:
    • 1070 composite SAT score (Critical Reading and Math) with a minimum individual Critical Reading and Math score of 500 each.
    • 23 composite ACT score with a minimum individual English and Math score.

The School of Education recommends that international students who would like to teach pursue a major in the subject they would like to teach such as math or history. After earning a bachelor's degree at Baylor, they will then seek teacher's certification from the state or country in which they want to teach.

Please contact Joel Porter, director of Advising and Enrollment for the School of Education, with any questions you have regarding teacher certification and admission requirements for international students.

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