Scholarship and Cost Estimator

Welcome to the Baylor Scholarship and Cost Estimator!

This tool will provide a preliminary estimate of your academic scholarship as well as financial aid if you are eligible to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. We want to help you gauge what aid you may be awarded so you can make arrangements to cover the remaining costs.

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Detailed Cost

Many students have questions about eligibility for scholarships and other types of financial aid at Baylor. That's why we offer a free Scholarship and Cost Estimator for incoming undergraduate students.

The Scholarship and Cost Estimator assesses your eligibility for academic scholarships and other forms of financial aid based on the guidelines and estimated funding available for the 2018-2019 academic year. We provide you with a preliminary estimate of the academic scholarship you will be eligible to receive as well as your estimated financial aid package if we receive the results of your FAFSA by the priority deadline of February 1. Then we determine how much you will need to cover the remaining estimated cost.

If you are only interested in academic scholarships, you are under no obligation to use the remainder of the tool. You can calculate a quick financial aid and cost estimate using minimal 2016 financial data, or continue to the detailed cost estimate to get a more accurate picture by providing some additional information from your and your parents' 2016 tax returns. You can use this information to do some planning now for your first year at Baylor, 2018-2019.