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Parents of Applicants

Now that your son or daughter has submitted their application for undergraduate admissions there are a few more items they�ll need to submit before we can evaluate their application. This list gives you details about the process so that you can be aware of what your student is working on to complete their application and so you can encourage them along the way.

1. Application Deadlines and Options

To better assist your student, you should know which application your student submitted and be aware of our deadlines. We accept Baylor's online application as well as the ApplyTexas application, though we prefer students submit our online application. Our two admissions deadlines are November 1 and February 1. Within our November 1 deadline we have two application options - Early Action and Single Choice Early Action. To learn more about the different application types and deadlines visit our explanation of the different applications.

2. Key Documents

Regardless of which application form your student used when applying, they must create a goBAYLOR account to track their application status. If they submitted Baylor's online application then they've already created a goBAYLOR account, but if they submitted the ApplyTexas application they'll need to create an account. The following are the items required of all applicants, but additional items might be required from your student based on their individual circumstances, which is why the goBAYLOR account is so important. Key documents must be postmarked by the application deadline. See our Key Documents Chart as well as our freshman admissions website for further details concerning these required items. The key documents required of all applicants are:

  • An official high school transcript

  • Official SAT or ACT scores with the completed essay portion

3. Recommended Optional Items

In addition to the required key documents students may choose to submit a number of recommended, but not required items via their goBAYLOR account. They will not be able to access these items until they have submitted the online application. The optional items include:

  • Resume: Students will be able to upload a resume to their application. This will allow your student to share their extra-curricular activities and accomplishments so we can get to know them better.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Students will be able to give us the names and email addresses of two recommenders and we will send them an electronic recommendation form to submit on your student's behalf. If your student already has letters of recommendation that have been written, they can submit those electronically or by mail instead of using the electronic form.

  • Short Answer Responses: Students can answer two short answer prompts found on their goBAYLOR account. The responses we ask for really are short - only about 250 words. The questions we ask are: What are you looking for in a university? and Why do you want to attend Baylor University and how do you see yourself contributing to the Baylor community? (please note: Single Choice Early Action applicants are required to submit the short answer responses).

4. Your Student's Admissions Counselor

At Baylor, our admissions counselors are divided into geographic territories so we have an admissions counselor specifically assigned to your student's school. In order to find out who your student's admissions counselor is, visit our Meet Your Counselor webpage. You can email your student's admissions counselor or contact them by phone at (254) 710-3435 with any questions.

5. Visit Campus

If you and your student have not had a chance to visit campus, we would love to host you. For a list of upcoming campus visit opportunities visit

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