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Aviation Sciences

Baylor's Aviation Sciences program is a partnership between Baylor's Institute for Air Science and Texas State Technical College-Waco (TSTC). The degree provides a balance of aeronautical theory and application combined with technical education. Available courses include:

  • Private Pilot Flight
  • Advanced Aviation Meteorology
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Aviation Law
  • Aerodynamics

Aviation Science majors choose one of three concentrations: Professional Pilot, Aircraft Dispatch or Air Traffic Control. The Professional Pilot concentration is for students planning to become a pilot. The Aircraft Dispatch concentration is for students wishing to pursue a career in the safety and control of commercial flight operations. The Air Traffic Control concentration is for students wanting a career in air traffic control.

Students interested in a career as a pilot might also be interested in Baylor's Air Force ROTC Program. The program uses many of the same resources as the Aviation Science program and is designed to build and train leaders for the United States Air Force.

Because of the Aviation Sciences program's joint nature, students must apply and be accepted to Baylor and Texas State Technical College-Waco.

For more information: Aviation Sciences

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