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We cherish our unique traditions here at Baylor. Handed down from Seniors to Freshmen, generation to generation, they help us build bonds of friendship that last forever. And besides, they're just plain fun.

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Students selected the bear as Baylor's official mascot in 1914. Today we have two live bears on campus, Judge Joy Reynolds and Judge Sue Sloan, known as Joy and Lady. Visit them at the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat right in the heart of campus. Learn more about Joy and Lady. You'll also see Bruiser the Bear, our costumed mascot, building up that Baylor spirit at athletic events, pep rallies, and community events throughout the year.

Sic 'Em Bears!

The signature battle cry of Baylor, the "Sic 'Em," has invigorated Bears and intimidated opponents for decades. Start by waving your right "bear claw" up in the air as you yell "heyyyy". Slash your claw across the front of your body as if you are tearing into an attacker while yelling "Sic 'Em Bears!". End with your claw back in the air.

The Baylor Line

A rowdy spirit organization composed only of new students, the Baylor Line begins the cheers and energizes the crowd at all Baylor football games. You can't miss the Baylor Line in their signature gold jerseys (with unique nicknames on the back), sitting on the 50-yard line - right behind the opposing team's bench. Find out more about the Baylor Line.


Each year, the Baylor family comes together to celebrate the spirit of Baylor during Homecoming weekend. Events include a Pep Rally & Bonfire, the Freshman Mass Meeting, and the oldest and largest collegiate parade in the nation. Visit the home of Baylor Homecoming.

All University Sing

Get ready to have your socks knocked off. Each spring, Baylor student organizations bring out their finest seven-minute Broadway-style performances.

See what's next for All University Sing.

 - "Day of the Bear"

Each spring since 1934, students are given a day off to enjoy the outdoors and nice weather with their friends. Organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Diadeloso features fun athletic tournaments, student activity booths, live music and more. Discover more about Diadeloso.

Steppin' Out

One of the largest programs of its kind in the U.S., Steppin' Out is a day out of each semester that's dedicated to community service. Baylor students sign up for projects such as neighborhood clean-ups, programs at nursing homes and more. Each semester, Steppin' Out involves more than 100 student groups, 3,000 students, 100 job sites and 12,000 incredibly rewarding volunteer hours. Learn more about Steppin' Out.

Christmas on 5th Street

This joyful celebration features the annual Kappa Omega Tau Christmas Tree Lighting, caroling and musical performances, a live nativity scene, a Christmas marketplace and other family-friendly activities. Read all about Christmas on 5th Street.

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