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A Land Acknowledgment is a traditional custom that dates back centuries in many Native Nations and communities. Today, land acknowledgments are used by Native Peoples and non-Natives to recognize Indigenous Peoples who are the original stewards of the lands on which we now live. At the beginning of ceremonies, lectures, or public events at Baylor University, an organization or speaker may offer this acknowledgment on behalf of everyone present. Baylor University’s Land Acknowledgment provides a framework for today’s work with Native Nations and Indigenous Communities. 
LANDesk is an integrated tracking and management tool used to collect information from the computer devices connected to the Baylor network. This information is used for departmental IT planning and reporting tasks.
This center has language resources available for all the languages taught within the Department of Modern Foreign Languages.
The Baylor student newspaper.
The home page of the Baylor University Law School.
You belong at Baylor Law School if you want to be the kind of lawyer who not only receives training in all facets of the law . . . but also learns how to practice it more effectively than your peers. While all law schools teach theory, ethics and modern legal doctrine, a recent national survey showed that only 17% of law students felt that law school had adequately prepared them for the practice of law. That will not happen to you at Baylor.
Ranked third in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report, our Advocacy Program produces lawyers of unparalleled quality and preparedness. It is our third-year Practice Court program for which we are best known and that you will find so valuable come graduation.
Baylor Law School has alumni practicing law in all 50 states, and in all areas of the law, government, business, and real estate.
n recent years, there has been a call for law schools to increase their emphasis on teaching practical lawyering skills. A well-rounded legal curriculum should teach students how to think about and analyze difficult legal problems, and to consider them in the light of public policy; but it also must ensure that its students know how to perform the day-to-day tasks required of a practicing lawyer.
Baylor Law School's resources for current law students.
Resources for the Law School's faculty and staff as well as for those seeking information regarding the Law School personnel.
The information technology department at Baylor Law strives to provide you with the highest level of service and support possible while continuing to focus on innovation and modernization.
Welcome to the Sheridan & John Eddie Williams Legal Research and Technology Center. Our primary clientele consists of the faculty and students of Baylor Law School. We also serve the Baylor University academic community, members of the practicing bar, and the general public.
Where to find the latest news about Baylor Law School and to find archived articles.
Whether your career path leads you to the public or private sector, in business or non-profit, in whatever industry, we believe that the call to law is in essence a calling to the public. In an increasingly diverse community with increasingly divergent needs, Baylor Law School strives to develop responsible citizens, educated leaders, dedicated scholars, and skilled professionals who practice with the heart to establish and protect a civil society.
The Best Belong at Baylor Law.
Resources for anyone visiting Baylor Law School or moving to the area to attend the Law School.
By connecting the in- and out-of-classroom experience for Baylor students, the School of Education's LEAD LLC is a multidisciplinary residential learning community rooted in leadership development, academic growth, and service to others.
Whether you are new to online and hybrid instruction or have years of experience, this website will provide you with simple steps, recommendations, and templates for building an engaging learning environment that meets your instructional objectives.
Information on a range of legal and compliance notices, policies and practices.
The central libraries, special libraries and resource centers of Baylor house more than 1.6 million bound volumes, more than 2.8 million microforms and government document pieces and thousands of audio-visual items, maps, charts and photographs.
The Liaison Services department helps clients by answering factual questions, assisting with search strategies, providing individual and group instruction on library resources, preparing research guides, and more.
Giving to the Libraries
Information about checking out and utilizing resources from the library.
Linguistics is the scientific study of language. Instead of trying to learn individual languages, linguists want to know how language works. Where did language come from? How are languages developing? How does language affect the way we think, the way we interact, and our cultural identity? What are the mental processes involved in understanding, producing, and acquiring language? What does language development in childhood look like, and how do we learn additional languages later in life? What are the linguistic and cognitive consequences of bilingualism?
All employees of Baylor University have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning (including content), a library of thousands of courses featuring instructional videos on the latest software and many other topics. LinkedIn Learning is designed for all skill levels and is available for viewing on your computer or mobile device.
Located in the heart of Dallas, the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing prepares baccalaureate and graduate level nurses, within a Christian community for professional practice, healthcare leadership and worldwide serve. There are more than 830 students enrolled at the LHSON including pre-nursing students who spend their first two years at Baylor University’s Waco campus or other universities around the country. Faculty and staff work together to create an environment where students may develop the professional leadership skills necessary to excel in patient care and the critical thinking skills to meet the needs and demands of the profession.