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Baylor is preparing for a phased return to on-campus work. Informed by the latest guidance from local, state and federal government officials and public health authorities, the University COVID-19 Task Force has developed a five-phase strategic reopening of campus.
The Keston Center for Religion, Politics, & Society has joined with the Keston Institute to achieve its mission and is committed to the preservation and utilization of the library and archive, and seeks to promote the research, teaching, and understanding of religion and politics in Communist and post-Communist societies.
Khalix is a financial management reporting and the budget preparation system for Baylor.
Korean language department instructs in pronunciation, grammar, comprehension, speech and culture.
KWBU public radio is a service of our members, the Brazos Valley Public Broadcasting Foundation, and Baylor University with a generous grant from the Rapoport and Waco Foundations.
The Kyle Lake Center for Effective Preaching aims at providing the best possible preparation for our seminary students as well as continuing education in preaching to pastors and others in ministry. Furthermore, all programs are made available at a minimal charge to students in order to provide the greatest access to these exceptional services.
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