Keston Center
for Religion, Politics, and Society
Our Mission
To promote research and encourage the study of religion in communist, post-communist, and other totalitarian societies.


As part of the Baylor University Libraries' Special Collections, the Keston Center for Religion, Politics and Society works with
the Keston Institute in Oxford, United Kingdom, in carrying out its mission and is committed to
the preservation and utilization of the library and archive.



Research Opportunities

The Keston Center for Religion, Politics, and Society at Baylor University invites students and scholars from all over the world to conduct research in the Keston Archive and Library. Faculty and graduate teaching assistants who have used the Center's library and archives in their teaching in the past but wish to explore additional possibilities are also encouraged to apply.

Keston Scholars
Receive a scholarship to cover expenses, in part or in full, including travel costs, in order to conduct research in the Keston Archive and Library.
Visiting Researchers and Scholars
Spend anywhere from several hours to a maximum of four weeks in the Keston Center where they have access to the Keston Archive and Library, including the samizdat collection, research files, and photo archive.
Library Teaching Fellows
Baylor faculty and graduate students can apply for a summer fellowship to enhance their pedagogy with Keston resources.
Summer Interns
Baylor students with an undergraduate degree or working on a master's degree in museum studies, history, religion, Russian, Slavic and East European Studies, or a related field are invited to apply for a summer internship.