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The Research & Engagment department helps clients by answering factual questions, assisting with search strategies, providing individual and group instruction on library resources, preparing research guides, and more.



For more information use the links below, or contact the Information Desk by phone (254.710.2122), with a red "Library Hotline" telephone (scattered throughout Moody and Jones Libraries), in person [map], or Ask us Online.




Ask a Librarian
Ask a librarian! There are many ways to do so: in person, email, phone, chat via IM or the web page, or text message.

Central Libraries Location Guide
Guide to where books and other materials are located throughout the central libraries.

Guide to BearCat Locations
Guide to the location codes listed in the BearCat online catalog.

Library Instruction Services
The Baylor Libraries offer a variety of instructional services, from individual to classroom instruction in library and information resources.

Information for K-12 Teachers and School Groups

Workshops & Seminars
The Reference & Library Instruction department offers many workshops and seminars throughout the year.

Government Documents