Taylor Demons Taylor Demons Fulbright English Teaching Assistant 2017 Emily Martin Emily Martin Fulbright English Teaching Assistant 2017 Luke Pederson Luke Pederson US/UK Summer Fulbright Durham, England, 2017 Prashant Appikatla Prashant Appikatla Rotary Global Scholar 2016 Jared Strickland Jared Strickland Critical Language Scholarship Chinese, 2011 Tracy Orozco Tracy Orozco Shepherd Scholar 2016 Jonathan Tingle Jonathan Tingle Rotary Global Scholar 2016 Jonathan Siktberg Jonathan Siktberg Truman Finalist 2016 Janessa Blythe Janessa Blythe Mt. Vernon Fellow 2016 Jacob Imam Jacob Imam Marshall Scholar to Oxford 2016 Courtenay Klauber Courtenay Klauber Fulbright English Teaching Assistant 2016 Chase Gottlich Chase Gottlich Boren Scholar to Tanzania 2016 Celeste Boduch Celeste Boduch Shepherd Scholar 2016 Syd Lewis Syd Lewis Fulbright Study Grant 2015 Jaziah Masters Jaziah Masters Shepherd Scholar 2015 Maneesha Julakanti Maneesha Julakanti Shepherd Scholar 2015 Jacob Surges Jacob Surges Fulbright English Teaching Assistant 2015 Tim Campbell Tim Campbell Fulbright US-UK Summer Institute 2015 Rebecca McHenney Rebecca McHenney Fulbright English Teaching Assistant 2015 Bailey Green Bailey Green Fulbright English Teaching Assistant 2015 Thomas Gibson Thomas Gibson Goldwater Honorable Mention 2014 Rebecca Holden Rebecca Holden Goldwater Scholar 2014 Ta-Wei Lin Ta-Wei Lin Fulbright Study Grant 2014 Ian Boys Ian Boys Goldwater Scholar 2014 Erin McInerney Erin McInerney French Gov't English Teaching Assistant 2014 Jesus Sotelo Jesus Sotelo Rotary Global Grant Scholar 2014 Elijah Maletz Elijah Maletz Fulbright English Teaching Assistant 2014 Jeff Cross Jeff Cross Fulbright English Teaching Assistant 2014 Jonathan Keim Jonathan Keim Fulbright Study Grant 2014 Leigh  Ann Ganzar Leigh Ann Ganzar Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship 2013 Randall Fowler Randall Fowler Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship 2013 Stephanie Allen Stephanie Allen Rotary Global Grant Scholar 2013 Austin Cook-LIndsay Austin Cook-LIndsay Rotary Global Grant Scholar 2013 Brent Salter Brent Salter Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship 2013 Taylor Kohn Taylor Kohn Goldwater Scholar 2012 Fulbright Study Grant 2013 David Dreier David Dreier EPA GRO Fellow 2012 Elisabeth Black Elisabeth Black Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship 2012 Huong Nguyen Huong Nguyen Fulbright Study Grant 2012 Jaclyn Hyland Jaclyn Hyland Fulbright Study Grant 2012 Elizabeth Dratz Elizabeth Dratz Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship 2012 Rachel Cliburn Rachel Cliburn Fulbright Study Grant 2012 Ross Natividad Ross Natividad Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship 2012 Jade Conner Jade Conner Fulbright Study Grant 2017 Katerina Levinson Katerina Levinson Fulbright English Teaching Assistant 2017

Housed within the Office of Undergraduate Studies in the College of Arts & Sciences, SPARK--Scholarship Programs, Awards, Research, Knowledge--supports students at Baylor who seek a rich, even extraordinary, undergraduate education. Oftentimes, the students whom SPARK professors mentor decide to apply for a competitive award--a scholarship, fellowship, internship, research experience--at the national or even international level, such as the Fulbright, Truman, Gates Cambridge, Boren, and Rhodes. Many of these awards support study and research at the graduate level. Notable awards such as the Goldwater, Pickering, Humanity in Action, Critical Language Scholarship, and NSF REU (all of which you can read about in this website), however, fund student research and study at the undergraduate level--often through summer institutes, internships, and symposiums.

Because these awards are prestigious and therefore highly competitive, we advise and guide students as they consider scholarships in their area of study and germane to their professional goals. We support students as they prepare their application--an intense but satisfying experience. We also help students address additional requirements frequently essential to the scholarship application: language exams, University endorsements, formal interviews, letters of recommendation, etc.

SPARK is not, however, affiliated with the Financial Aid Office (254-710-2611, Clifton Robinson Tower, Suite 150) at Baylor. This office can help you with the FAFSA, loans and grants, and campus scholarship opportunities for funding your Baylor education. The knowledgeable staff members of the FAO are best equipped to help you pursue funding--whether through grants, loans, or scholarships--for Baylor tuition and fees.

Important Dates
Three recent graduates and two students are the latest Baylor recipients of awards from the prestigious Fulbright U.S. Student Program.
WACO, Texas (Nov. 30, 2015) – Jacob Imam, a senior University Scholar at Baylor University, has been selected as one of 32 American university students – and the only student from a Texas university – to receive the prestigious 2016 Marshall Scholarship. The announcement of the award was made today by the Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission, which includes eight regional committees who select the recipients.