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Housed within the Engaged Learning Office of the College of Arts & Sciences, SPARK supports undergraduate students from across Baylor's nine academic units as they pursue dynamic educations. While the university classroom serves as the cornerstone of academic excellence and a rich undergraduate experience, SPARK equips students to extend the classroom through research, scholarship, leadership, and public service and beyond the environs of Baylor. SPARK faculty and partners mentor students as they pursue national merit awards that will enrich their educations.

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First Steps

Under the "First Steps" tab above, you will find the link to the Undergraduate Student Profile. SPARK faculty read and respond to these profiles as part of our effort to support students as they explore the world of merit and prestigious awards. An initiative of the College of Arts & Sciences, SPARK brings faculty together to work closely with students who seek an extraordinary undergraduate education and who possess high aspirations for their next steps after Baylor.

Funding Your Baylor Undergraduate Education

While we work closely with undergraduate students at Baylor to pursue scholarships and fellowships for research, language study, leadership programs, and summer institutes, SPARK is not affiliated with the Financial Aid Office (FAO) at Baylor. The FAO can help you with the FAFSA, loans and grants, and campus scholarship opportunities for funding your Baylor education. The knowledgeable staff members of the FAO are best equipped to help you pursue funding--whether through grants, loans, or scholarships--for Baylor tuition and fees. They are located in Suite 150 of the Clifton Robinson Tower, and you can reach them by phone at 254.710.2611.

National Award Deadlines

Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Graduate Fellowship: September 17

Fulbright US Student Program (Internal Deadline): September 23

Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship: September 24

Schwarzman Scholars: September 26

George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program: September 27

Marshall Scholarship: September 30

Rhodes Scholarship: October 2

Gates Cambridge Scholarship: October 9

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship: October 9

Truman Scholarship (Internal Deadline): November 20

Goldwater Scholarship (Internal Deadline): November 25


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