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Feb. 19, 2021
How Baylor in Washington Contributor Daniel Huizinga Has Stayed Positive During COVID-19
Long time friend of Baylor in Washington, Daniel Huizinga, recently shared his thoughts on how he has managed to retain happiness and stay positive in a world estranged from normalcy. To read more about how Daniel has balanced school, family, and social life during these unprecedented times, click here!
Dec. 8, 2020
Former Baylor in Washington Student Featured in Baylor Business Review
Former Baylor in Washington student, Andrew Hall, was recently featured in the Fall 2020 edition of the Baylor Business Review. Andrew took the time to reflect on his experience with the Baylor in Washington program and the numerous opportunities he has been blessed with since his time in our Nation's Capital. Follow the link to read more about his story!
Nov. 30, 2020
Baylor in Washington Student Published in Foreign Policy Journal
Baylor in Washington student Rebecca Blessing recently published an article in Providence, a journal focusing on Christianity and Foreign Policy. She writes about the Mayflower Compact and the role that faith and dedication to one another played in drafting the first governing document in the New World.
Nov. 9, 2020
Baylor in Washington Alumnus Collin Slowey on Walker Percy's "Love in the Ruins"
Baylor in Washington Alumnus Collin Slowey ('21) recently published an article in Public Discourse on the seemingly prophetic nature of Walker Percy's novel "Love in the Ruins." Collin draws on the similarities between the foundations of Percy's dystopian future, and the political, spiritual, and social divides that face our nation today. He extrapolates on Percy's work to urge that the remedy to our current state of social unrest lies not in further polarization, but in a concentrated investment in fulfilling our inherent social duties for the betterment of all.

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