Bullock Scholars Program

Spring 2023


The Bob Bullock Scholars Program was established in 2000 through an agreement involving the family of Bob Bullock, members of the Texas Senate, and Baylor University.  Funding was provided to allow students from Baylor University to work on a full-time basis during sessions of the Texas Legislature.  The first group of five Bullock Scholars participated in the 2001 legislative session, followed by nine in 2003, ten in 2005, eleven in 2007, ten in 2009, ten in 2011, ten in 2013, ten in 2015, ten in 2017, eleven in 2019, and ten in 2021.     

The Bob Bullock Scholars Program was named to honor the memory and numerous contributions to society by Mr. Bob Bullock, an individual who devoted his life to Texans and Americans for nearly forty years.  Bob Bullock graduated from Texas Tech University and Baylor Law School and began his illustrious career in public service in 1956, with his election to the Texas House of Representatives.  Following his re-election in 1958 and a return to private law practice, Bob Bullock served as an assistant attorney general, as general counsel for Governor Preston Smith, and as secretary of state.

In 1975, Bob Bullock was elected Comptroller of Public Accounts and served until 1990, bringing Texas into national prominence as a leader in the areas of fiscal responsibility, financial research capabilities, and efficiency in tax collections.  His contributions in the areas of public administration have served as a model for administrators seeking to promote efficiency and fiscal responsibility.

Bob Bullock was sworn in as Lieutenant Governor and President of the Texas Senate in 1991, a post to which he was re-elected in 1995. Lieutenant Governor Bullock demonstrated vast abilities in the formulation of public policy by setting high standards for Texas Senators by emphasizing hard work, nonpartisan legislation, and commitment to the people of Texas. Lieutenant Governor Bullock's zeal for public policy and administration and his contributions to the betterment of the lives of people have insured his permanent place in the memory of Texans and his role as an inspiration for generations of future Texans.

Baylor University believes that the Bob Bullock Scholars Program will elevate the study of politics among Baylor University students and serve as a model for those individuals who seek to serve others through a career in public life.  Dr. James A. Curry, served as the director of the Bob Bullock Scholars Program from its inception through 2021. Dr. Patrick Flavin now serves as the director, and will arrange placements of Baylor students in appropriate legislative offices during the session of the Texas Legislature.  Bullock Scholars will live in Austin and work on a full-time basis for a member of the Texas Senate or the Texas House of Representatives for the entire legislative session. 



 Students must be enrolled (and pay tuition) as full-time students at Baylor University during the Spring 2023 semester to participate in the Bullock Scholars internship program. Students may take as many as fifteen (15) semester hours of Baylor courses, at least six of which must be in Political Science. 

Students will receive a monthly stipend to cover living expenses in Austin during the legislative session.   Students should expect to live in Austin from early January, 2023, through May, 2023.  Interns are responsible for housing, transportation, and other expenses in Austin.  Students participating in the Bullock Scholar program may not return to the Waco campus to take classes during the semester.

The 88th legislative session will be January 10 - May 29, 2023, with several days of orientation prior to that. Interns should plan to be in Austin about a week before the session begins.  Interns receive a stipend for their participation in the program. The projected stipend will total $7,000 ($1,400 in 5 monthly payments).  

The following requirements apply to the Bullock Program:

  1. The intern must complete and submit (via email) an application, resume, two letters of recommendation, transcript, and a writing sample. Applications for the spring 2023 session are due MARCH 31, 2022
  2. The internship must cover the entire legislative session in order for the intern to receive the maximum semester credit hours.  Students may not return to campus to take classes during the internship.  Interns must be enrolled at Baylor University on a full-time basis during the spring 2023 semester.
  3. The intern must report to his/her assigned post punctually and carry out his/her responsibilities. The intern must perform other assigned projects germane to his or her experiential training, including writing reports, conducting research, assisting with program development and logistical planning, and attending lectures and symposiums.
  4. During the internship, the intern must be available for at least two on-site evaluations.
  5. The intern must dress according to assigned office policy for the duration of the internship.
  6. The intern’s conduct must be exemplary. Unprofessional behavior shall be reason for dismissal.
  7. The intern must sign and date the Bullock Scholar agreement provided by Baylor University.

Please contact Dr. Patrick Flavin with any questions. 

Pat Flavin, Bob Bullock Professor of Political Science, One Bear Place # 97276, Baylor University, Waco, TX 76798; 254-710-7418; Patrick_J_Flavin@Baylor.edu




Department of Political Science

One Bear Place #97276
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